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Even though our private villas are designed to be naturally illuminated by the sun's rays, we are always trying to find new, inventive and unusual ways to light up a room.

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All of our private villas are built to allow for an abundance of natural light using windows, light holes in the walls, and skylights. We take great care to hide electrical wiring, which we do by either twisting a rope around the wire, cutting branches lengthwise to hide it, or we use transparent wires. We also use colourful fabric to hide wiring.

The fact that you can come and be part of what is, in my view, the most fabulous resort that exists and have something a little bit different for it, something that you can really, properly delight in. You get that and you get the same return, for me it made perfect sense the minute I saw the numbers.

Mark Davies, owner of Villa 28, Soneva Jani

Everything is Illuminated

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